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Welcome to Hammersfield, Texas. A creeping rot is gnawing at this small town’s soul.


Chief of Police Judd Canton is unable to escape the pain of his daughter’s disappearance. His relentless questions steer him down a nightmarish path from which he may never emerge.


Eric and Jessica Winsen are a loving blue collar couple raising a healthy son. But as they struggle to make financial ends meet, their internal secrets threaten to bury their family world to the grave. 


Locals and travelers alike have come to rely on the bearded, overall-clad tow truck driver nicknamed ‘350’. His jet black wrecker finds itself everywhere roadside assistance is needed… and many places it’s not.


In a town where everyone knows your name, the truth will surface.

Are you ready for a fast paced, suspense filled, page-turning story? Then you are at the right place! See the various reading options below. 

Book cover designed by: THE UNDERGROUND

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Kindle Edition (Purchase): USD $0.99 

Paperback Edition: USD $9.99

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